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New weekend, new country.

SIA Around the World chronicles the jetsetting adventures of Steph Sia. A self-proclaimed workaholic, Steph had grown tired of having to wait to travel the world. Because both of her jobs are centered around travel, she adopted a new perspective on travel and started to embark on spontaneous weekend trips to explore the world at her (very fast) pace.

Based in Vancouver, Canada, Steph regularly takes weekend trips to all around the world. Some of her favourite cities include New York, Hong Kong, an. Armed with her Macbook and an appetite, she aims to change and inspire the way people feel about travel.

The flipside of this blog is SIA in the Kitchen which is a passion project that started on Steph’s Instagram account, @siasteph, where she hosts a live cooking show every Sunday. In order to keep track of her food-related trials and tribulations, she started this blog to document her recipes, often inspired from her many trips around the world.

In her spare time, Steph likes to host dinner parties, wine and dine, and is a competitive and professional pole dancer.